How to Write on a PDF?

As PDF is a non-editable form of document format, it is difficult to write or make changes to it later. What if you need to add extra to a PDF file or add images to it?

Don't worry, as this can now easily be done with the help of tools available online. Here is everything more about how to write on a PDF online within minutes.

How To Write On PDF Online?

Here is how you can write on PDF online with CocoDoc.

  • Open the CocoDoc PDF editor.
  • Upload your file in the given box by dragging or dropping it in the space.
  • Your PDF document is now accessible to make changes or write on it.
  • With the help of the editor tab on the top, you can sign, add text and date, add images and do a lot more.
  • Once done, save your changes and download your final PDF document.

You can also write on a PDF for free with CocoDoc with its 14-day free trial.

How to Write on PDF with Windows?

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

The latest Windows 10 enables editing your PDF if you use Adobe Acrobat Pro as a PDF viewer. It has an Edit PDF option that allows you to add text, change the font and make a few other changes for free within its free 7-day trial.

Using Word

Another method to write on your PDF file is by converting it into Word. Here the steps to follow.

  • Find your PDF document in the 'Documents folder.
  • Right-click on the PDF you want to write on.
  • Go to 'Open with' and select 'Word.'
  • This may take some time for the PDF to convert the document into Word.
  • Once done, your PDF documents will be opened in Word format.
  • Do the changes required and again save it as PDF.

How To Write On PDF Documents With Mac?

To write on PDF documents with Mac, you can make use of Preview. It is the image viewer and PDF viewer used on Mac operating system. You can find Preview on your Mac desktop or laptop. Steps to follow to write on PDF documents with Mac.

  • Open the Preview.
  • Now, open the PDF you want to write on (make changes) in Preview.
  • Once the document is opened on Preview, click on the 'Text' icon in the markup toolbar. Alternatively, you can follow Tools > Annotate > Text.
  • A box labeled as 'Text' will appear in the middle of the document. Type in whatever you want to write in your PDF document in the blank space. Now drag this text box to wherever you want the text to be added.
  • Now, to change the color, font, and style of the text, click on 'A' found in the toolbar.
  • Use the available options in the box to edit the text you added.
  • Repeat the process with all that you want to write on a PDF document, and then click on 'File' to save your final PDF documents.

Using the Windows and Mac versions to write on PDF documents can be complicated, especially when you have to write a lot.