How to Make a PDF Fillable And Editable?

Today, several digital formats are improving the efficiency and convenience of handling documents. You can enter the data directly into fillable and editable forms. These kinds of forms are PDF forms you can easily edit and fill out and send them as an email attachment to your customers or business contacts. Knowing how to make fillable and editable PDFs can save lots of paperwork. You can share information about your business faster than you think.

However, many PDF files are not editable documents. In this case, you need to know how to make the PDF editable and fillable. Using this article, you can convert PDF documents into fillable forms. The layout, structure, and graphics of the PDF file will not change at all.

Why Do You Need to Make a PDF Fillable And Editable?

In many cases, you may need to know how to make a PDF file fillable and editable. You may need to know how to convert PDF to a fillable form that allows customers to fill out form fields; also, you may want to add text and signatures yourself. These instances are very common situations when after scanning a document, you need it to be digitally improved.

As we enter the realm of digital document processing and move all content to the cloud, the process of creating fillable and editable PDFs should be as easy as possible in our time.

How to Create an Editable And Fillable PDF Form?

Are you wondering how to make a fillable pdf form without Acrobat? The answer is CocoDoc. This will help you convert your PDF file into fillable forms in a few simple steps. You can enter the data directly into the fillable fields, then send the file instantly to your customers or business contacts without time wastage.

CocoDoc can help you create or edit PDF files, just like you do with regular Word processors. You can also easily convert your PDF file into a fillable form. This tool requires no complex technical know-how. Just sign up for the trial version and try it out. This easy-to-use platform can provide you with the results you need.

Below is the detailed guide on how you can go about creating an editable and fillable PDF form.

Step 1. Open Your PDF: The number one step is opening your PDF file using CocoDoc. Navigate to the "Open files" button to choose the PDF file you want to edit.

Step 2. Make PDF Form Fillable: After you open your non-fillable PDF file in the application, you can convert the PDF to a fillable form using two methods. If your PDF file already has tables, lines, or boxes in it, then you navigate to the "Form" > "More" > "Recognize Form" button to automatically make the PDF form fillable.

Step 3. Make a PDF Fillable Manually: If your PDF file doesn't already have tables or fields, then you can manually make the PDF fillable. Head to "Form" > "Add Text", "Add check box", "Add radio button" or "Add combo box" buttons to add a field wherever you want on the PDF page. Double-click on the newly-added fields to open the properties box so you can modify the properties the way you want.

How to Convert PDF to a Fillable Form?

Step 1: Open a PDF: After opening the application, either upload the PDF file by clicking on the "Open files" button or you can drag and drop your selected PDF file into the application window.

Step 2: Create Fillable Form: Navigate to the "Form" tab and use the "Add text," "Add check box" or any other tool to manually turn your PDF into a fillable form.

Right-click on each field or button to change the properties. You can adjust features such as color, appearance, and name, etc. for the fillable fields.

Step 3: Save the Fillable Form: When you've made your desired changes to the settings, go to the "Preview" button on the top right. Now, you can begin to fill in the fillable form. After, navigate to the "File" menu to "Save" the file directly

If you follow these steps, you can make a PDF a fillable form without much hassle.

What Else Can You Do with CocoDoc?

Converting PDF files to prepare forms, save documents, or just share and digitally work together on content may require a different set of PDF tools. Don't worry, CocoDoc provides other free PDF software that can help you manage PDF files.

eSign and Edit: If you do not want to make a PDF editable, why not annotate it directly, via the Edit tool. You can add text, insert images as well as create various shapes. Furthermore, you can even draw freely with this online tool.

The eSign tool, on the other hand, is useful for creating and placing electronic signatures. As they are under one suite of PDF tools, you can also write on your PDF files as you'd like. It's also recommended to sign PDFs using an electronic signing tool. Rather than creating editable PDFs in Microsoft Word and inserting separate signature files.

If you don't want to make a PDF file editable, why not use the editing tools to directly annotate a PDF? You can add text, insert images, and create various shapes. Moreover, you can use this online tool to draw freely.

On the other hand, the eSign tool can help you create and place a digital signature. This is a complete set of PDF tools, so you can also write on your PDF files as needed. We also recommend that you use a digital signature tool to sign a PDF, instead of creating an editable PDF in Microsoft Word and inserting a different signature file.

Compress: How to make a PDF file editable is a problem, and how to reduce the size of a PDF file is a completely different task. Fortunately, this task can also be done with the CocoDoc compression tool. Perform the same process to make PDF editable on the same platform and with different functions.

Split, Merge, and Delete Pages: When converting large documents to make PDF editable, you may want to remove unused pages, cut them into smaller files, or merge them. These three tools are what you need to do with the split, merge, and delete pages feature.

The above introduces ways on how to convert a PDF to a fillable and editable form. CocoDoc is our recommended solution for this task. If you need to convert fillable forms easily, this tool will help you get the task done in no time.