How to Draw on a PDF?

These days, almost everyone uses PDF files for various purposes. We use PDFs as a document format for writing, editing, printing and sharing information. And given its versatility, it's easy to understand why people prefer using such a document format.

However, a lot of people also wonder if it is possible to draw on a PDF online. Yes, this is very possible. The fastest and best way to do this is to use special software that doesn't require you to download it.

In this article, we will show you the best tool you can use to draw in PDF documents.

How to Draw on a PDF Online for Free?

It is quite easy to draw on PDF. Just follow these steps on how to draw on PDF files.

  • To get started, head to CocoDoc and register an account. Then upload the document. When you open the document, there is a toolbar at the top of the page. Click "Draw" in the "Tools" tab.
  • Click and hold the mouse to draw on the PDF what you want. When you're done, release the mouse.
  • Use the slider and the color box to change the line's thickness and color.
  • If you want to draw a straight line, go to the "Tools" tab and use the "Line" button. Click and drag the line where you want in your document.
  • Use the slider and color box to adjust the line's thickness and color.
  • Also, to delete any line you've drawn, select the line and click on the "trash can" icon that pops up.

How to Draw Shapes on a PDF?

It is really simple to draw shapes on PDFs. You only have to follow these guidelines on how to draw shapes on a PDF.

  • Make sure that you have an account with CocoDoc.
  • Then set your PDF to Edit mode before you insert shapes. Then, head to the Review tab and find the Shapes.
  • Click on the Shape button and select the shape you want to add. Then click anywhere on your document to insert and form your shape.
  • And that's it! Now that you know how to add shapes to a PDF, all shapes are added the same way.

However, knowing how to draw shapes on PDFs is a great way to improve your documents, but that is not all you can do! You can equally customize your shapes by adding color, text, links, and more. Here's how:

  • Right-click on the shape you wish to customize and select Properties from the drop-down menu. This will open the Properties Panel.
  • To customize appearance, go to the Appearance. From there you can change the style, width, color, opacity, blend mode and fill color.

How to Draw on PDF on a Mac?

The easiest way to draw on PDF on Mac Mac is to use Adobe Photoshop. You can open a PDF file directly in this program by selecting the page you want or opening everything as a layer or other document. However, after a 30-day trial, Photoshop costs $10 or £10 per month. This subscription also gives you access to Photoshop for iPad, but you can't open PDFs.

Instead, like on iPad and tablet devices, unobtrusive screenshots are the best way to create images that can be drawn in art apps.

If you have a PDF file with multiple pages, you can convert it to multiple JPG files before using them. Once you have a screenshot, you need an art program to write or draw. Again, there are the Mac and Windows versions of the free Autodesk Sketchbook to help you out.

If you want to be able to change something the next time you open your PDF, you can. Get one of these programs in minutes and you can draw online, draw shapes and also draw on PDF windows or on Mac.